Wilson the Dog, Benburb, Northern Ireland, 2014

In Search of Family Origins: 
The Wilsons of Benburb, Northern Ireland

Filename - wilson_the_dog.JPG, taken on August 7, 2014,
Northern Ireland

In our family search for our origins, one branch is the Wilson clan of Northern Ireland.  It is a story of a relatively poor agricultural family converted to Methodism that emigrated to Upper Canada from a small community, Benburb, in Northern Ireland.   The Wilsons who remained were prosperous Estate managers for land owners whose tomb stone stands behind the family.  Their home today is the parsonage of the local Protestant Church of Ireland.  The cottage that the emigre Wilson's left behind, while extant in 1964, is now a modern housing estate and only fading memory, although it is described in correspondence of Mitchell Neville Wilson who returned from Canada to teach for a year or so in Benburb during the American Civil War.

[stay tuned for the story of Wilson the dog]

(Discussing Church records  with the Minister. Almost all the early records of the church were destroyed in the Easter Rebellion that burned the Public Record Office in Dublin)


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