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Hazel Martha Kline McGovern Papenfuse Briggs

Hazel Martha Kline McGovern Papenfuse Briggs Grandmother Briggs was born Hazel Martha Kline in 1898. She was never keen on my asking questions about family history. Once when I was quizzing my step grandfather about our complex family history, grandmother appeared in the doorway and asked grandpa “why does he want to know all that for. It is not worth knowing”. “Hazel,” grandpa replied, “he wants to know all about the horse thief in the family tree,” at which point grandmother retreated to the kitchen and I heard no more about the horsethief. I remember Grandma as a loving, somewhat fussy person who baked the most wonderful pies and cookies (peanut butter and chocolate chip). She was first married to Carl Augustus Papenfuse in 1916 and had two children (our father, Edward Carl Senior, and his sister Helen). Carl (like his father before he went to prison) worked for the B & O and was severely injured on the job (crushed between two railroad cars). He never recovered and

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