Lewis Mitchell Wilson and Pearl Ann (Lauder) Wilson Family

Lewis Mitchell Wilson and Pearl (Lauder) Wilson Family

Lewis Mitchell Wilson (07/1883 - 12/14/1918)

Father: Mitchell N. Wilson Born: 02/1844 Died: 07/03/1929 (age 85) Grandfather: Thomas Wilson

Grandmother: Mary Neville.

Mother: Sarah Sophia Smith (Wilson)

Born: 08/03/1846

Died: 12/03/1916 (age 70)

Grandfather: Lewis Heustice Smith

Grandmother: Phebe Anne Smith

Brother: John Oliver Wilson

Born: 09/1877 Died: 1941

Sister: Sara Elizabeth Wilson

Born: 11/19/1890

Died: 03/1970 (age 79)

Married: 07/30/1914


Pearl Ann Lauder (Wilson)

Born: 01/06/1886

Died: 04/1978 (age 92)

Father: John W. Lauder

Born: 1858

Died: 1947

Mother: Cora Marquis (Lauder)

Born: 1862

Died: 11/09/1949 (age 88)

Sister: Ruth Elizabeth Lauder (Briggs)

Born: 06/01/1888

Died: 1960

Sister: C. Maude Lauder

Born: 10/28/1889

Died: 08/17/1919 (age 29)

Sister: Erma F. Lauder (Briggs)

Born: 05/08/1891

Died: 05/1948

Brother: John Adair Lauder

Born: 11/22/1892

Died: 06/18/1986 (age 93)

Sister: Lou C. Lauder (Wyman)

Born: 10/10/1893

Died: 01/23/1981 (age 87)

Sister: Agnes Mae Lauder (Briggs)

Born: 11/25/1894

Died: 02/16/1990 (age 95)

Brother: Karl M. Lauder

Born: 01/16/1897

Died: 11/04/1898 (age 1)

Sister: Elsie Rita Lauder (Briggs)

Born: 10/10/1898

Died: 10/1983

Sister: Mildred Zaida Lauder (Bluhm)

Born: 09/23/1899

Died: 11/17/1989 (age 90)


Ruth Virginia Wilson (Papenfuse)

Born: 07/26/1915

Died: 08/31/2001 (age 86)


John Mitchell Wilson

Born: 09/16/1917

Died: 01/27/1962 (age 44)

Wife: Phyllis Mary Wilkins (Wilson)

Born: 04/08/1918

Died: 05/03/2009 (age 91)

Married: 01/02/1942


[As of 2019/07/11, 1221 Wilson Road, Macedon, New York, 14502]:

The neighborhood as of 1904 is below, showing the home of Mitchell Neville Wilson and Sara (Smith) Wilson where Lewis Mitchell Wilson and Pearl (Lauder) Wilson lived after their marriage in 1914. Lewis Mitchell Wilson managed the farm and, after Harvard law school, practiced law in Rochester, New York. During the week he would milk the cows in the morning and then take the inter-urban (the Rochester, Syracuse and Eastern), shown on the map, as the R S & E, to work returning at night to his chores at the farm. Pearl (Lauder) Wilson taught school at District Number 4 at the intersection of Wilson Road and what is today Route 31. The road was not named after the Wilsons until their son, John Mitchell Wilson, became the Supervisor of the Town of Macedon.

Macedon, New York in 1904 with the Wilson homestead, School District number 4,

and the Rochester, Syracuse and Eastern boxed in red. The images can be enlarged on an ipad or smart phone.

Pearl Ann (Lauder) Wilson was married for four years before her husband, Lewis Mitchell Wilson, died in the flu epidemic of 1918. In those first four years and for a brief time after she kept a baby book of her daughter, Ruth Virginia Wilson reproduced below. Feel free to help identify family and friends in the book by using the comments form.


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